Tread Lightly

Good trails are undoubtedly one of the best parts about a town, and here in Bozeman we are lucky to have so many that are so close and accessible. With all the people that are in love with getting outside and on the trails, it’s dangerous for anyone to think “Well, one person doing this won’t hurt anything”.  Our trails are getting busier, and with that comes a greater responsibility to protect what we have and treat it with respect.

So, this week I wanted to talk about the best ways to be a steward of proper trail use! One of the best ways to do this is to tread lightly. The trails are not always in tip top shape (they are outside after all), so when they are muddy or in poor condition, do not bike on them and try to step over/around muddy areas. This allows them to dry properly and prevents “berms” from forming and wrecking the trail.

Another important thing to remember is to ALWAYS stay on the designated original trail. It’s definitely tempting to cut up the hill on switchbacks or to b-line to your car through a field or fence, but this really hurts the surrounding areas. A lot of thought was put in to where the trail should be placed, so if a trail does not exist in a certain area that means there’s a reason! Cutting the trail can cause erosion and the spreading of noxious weeds, which both hurt the land that you are enjoying. Anyone who truly loves the trail knows to stick to it at all times!

Let’s all keep our trails healthy and happy for years to come, no matter how big Bozeman grows!♥

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