Highland Glen- Trail of the week!

A trail I really want to highlight this week is Highland Glen Nature Preserve! So much is going on over at this gorgeous trail that I thought it deserved a little recognition. It’s a great biking trail that also allows leashed dogs. The trail runs through some historic agricultural land that has been in use for over 140 years! If you haven’t already checked this trail out and are looking for a beautiful, quiet place to go on a bike ride or a run, look no further!

The trail recently got a a bit of a face lift in order to make it more user friendly, so all you regulars, I hope you enjoy the improvements!

In animal news, the cattle have been moved into the pasture that the trail runs through, so make sure to give them the space they need and to not take corners too quickly on bikes! It’s also especially important to keep dogs on leash, as they are known to bark at/chase cattle, which is bad news for the rancher! Another little black animal has also recently been spotted in the area…a black bear that has been getting into some bird feeders. Also remember to be aware of what’s around you when hiking and, if you’re traveling alone, to always make noise as you go!

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