T(r)ail Etiquette

Time for a trail etiquette tip!

It’s important to remember to always practice responsible dog ownership. This includes keeping dogs on leash is designated areas and picking up after them!

Areas where dogs are required to be on leash are areas where the land is sensitive to being disturbed. Dogs running off the trail can disturb livestock or wildlife and cause major issues for the people who call those areas home.

Dogs can also spread noxious weeds when seeds get stuck to their fur and fall off elsewhere. This is why it is important that they stay on trail and on a leash.

Even if your dog is allowed to be off leash, that still means they have to be monitored! Ever let your dog out of your car while you prepare for your outing, and by default not watch where they may wander? This is when they love to poop! It is your duty to pick up after your dog so that their waste does not contaminate water sources in the area. Even if you are not close to a stream, dog feces can still make it into the groundwater. After all, we get outside to breathe in the crisp mountain air, not smell what a dog left behind!


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