Trail Ambassadors 2018

Heading into July we have our team of Trail Ambassadors lined up for the summer season! From people on the GVLT NextGen board, to a Montana Conservation Corps Forest Service intern, and just some Bozemanites wanting to do what they can for their trails, this team of trail stewards is looking to be a strong one! They have already done some awesome work on Triple Tree trail to make sure that everyone is prepared for the Painted Hills Gap trail that will be put in place by the end of the summer.

One especially important piece of information we are trying to get out is why the new fencing off of Limestone Meadows Ln has been put in. A noxious grass called Ventenata has been found up in the area and has been reported in only two other spots in Gallatin County. This grass is competitive and has little nutritional value, so therefore could pose a serious problem for livestock if it gets out of control. In order to prevent the grass from spreading, we’re asking that everyone please stay on the marked trails (including leashed dogs!).

Stay tuned for more updates on what’s going on on the trails and the status of the Ventenata!


Image result for ventenata id

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