Be Thankful…but also Call on Ullr!

The Trail Ambassador Program has just wrapped up it’s 4th season on the trails…Wow time flies when you’re having fun!  We are very THANKFUL for all of the support of our volunteers and partners over that time.  Just for a little reflection, let’s take a quick look at some stats.

  •   10 program partners
  • Over 20 volunteer ambassadors
  • 210 outings made on area trails
  • Volunteers spent 507 hours lending their time on the trails
  • Interactions and resources shared with nearly 5k trail users!

All that said, we are now gearing up for another successful season on the snow –  after we finish “stuffing” our faces with a hearty Thanksgiving meal of course.

The Trail Ambassador Partners and Volunteers would like to give a special  thank you to all of our area trail users.  Thanks for being Courteous, and Respectful of our wonderful trail system, as well as our fellow trail users.  We are after all – in this together!!!

Snow is in the forecast, so let’s make sure to urge Ullr to do his thing.  As the snow starts to fly our friends and partners at Bridger Ski Foundation want to remind users of:

Ski Trail Etiquette

With all the people sharing the Lindley Park, Highland Glen Nature Preserve, Bridger Creek Golf Course, Bozeman Creek/Sourdough Canyon and Hyalite Canyon ski trails, BSF encourages skiers to be respectful and follow these tips on ski trail etiquette:

Please . . .

1.  Be aware of whether or not the trail is designated for multi-use. (See chart below.)

2.  Do not walk/run on groomed ski trails unless it is a multi-user trail (Sourdough/Hyalite).

3.  Dog owners are responsible for keeping their animals safe and under control, and must remove any dropping on the trails.

4.  Avoid walking, running, or skating on the parralel xc ski tracks.

5.  Move off trail to allow grooming equipment to pass.

6.  Avoid skiing right after groomers have groomed trails.  It takes 2-4 hours for the freshly groomed trails to set up.

7.  Do not ski the wrong way on one way trails.  Keep to the right on two-way trails.

8.  Ski under control, at a safe speed, and use care at blind intersections.

9.  Respect private property and the guidelines for each venue.

10.  Respect the wildlife.

11.  If you fall, please get off the trail as soon as you can.

12.  Please let others know that you are approaching them from behind by politely calling out “on you left.”

13.  If you are skiing fast and come upon slower skiers, please reduce your speed while you pass on their left, and then take off again once you have safely passed them.  Think of other skiers as yield signs.

14.  Fill in sitzmarks (disturbed snow left when you fall)

15.  Downhill skiers have the right-of-way.

16.  Please park at the Softball Complex/recycling parking lot off Highland Blvd. when skiing on the Lindley Park and Highland Glen Nature Preserve trails–do not park in the Lindley Center, hospital, or the professional buildings off Ellis St. parking lots.

17.  Buy a Community Nordic Trails Pass to support cross country skiing today!

And finally, say hi the Gallatin Valley Trail Ambassadors, who are working hard to reduce trail user conflict and provide good information to trail users.

Thank you!


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