Fireworks Safety and Etiquette

Our partners at Bozeman Health are encouraging “Safety and Respect” during our 4th of July celebrations.  Trail Ambassadors Agree!!  We love having fun too… but trails and parks are no place for fireworks.  Enjoy the show – and make sure all embers are put out completely!

Fireworks allowed for three days in Bozeman

By: Jess Antonio (KTVM)

BOZEMAN, Mont. – The 4th of July is just around the corner, and that means fireworks.

From July 3rd to July 5th people are allowed under city ordinance to shoot off fireworks.  But there are regulations.

“As far as fireworks being used in the city limits of Bozeman starting July 3rd from 12 p.m. Until midnight, on July 3rd and the 5th you’re allowed to light fireworks. On July 4th, kind of adding an extra hour, so it’s from noon until 1 a.m. on the 4th,” said Officer Anthony Hutchings of the Bozeman Police Department.

Officers say you can’t light fireworks within 300 feet of any gas station or public park, or 1,000 feet from the hospital or any assisted living facility.

While the police department wants people to enjoy celebrating their holiday, they also want people to be smart and safe.

“It’s a great holiday, it’s the birth of our nation, that’s what we’re celebrating.  But at the same time, yeah we want everyone to be safe.  You know I think a safe holiday is the best and we hate going to calls where somebody gets hurt because they’re messing around, or hurt someone else,” Hutchings said.

Though there isn’t an official age limit on lighting fireworks, Hutchings says all children should be supervised and no child under 12 should be lighting fireworks.

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