Enjoying the snow? So are We!!

Have you been out enjoying all of this amazing new snow recently?  Our Trail Ambassadors have been too!  Make sure if you see them out on the area trails you give them a big smile, and say hello and thank you… Because that’s what they will do right back at you!  Ambassadors are a smiling, happy, knowledgeable group of dedicated individuals that strive to make your trail experience more enjoyable.


Well HECK… why don’t you meet one of our ambassadors right now!!

Ambassador Bio



Terry Cunningham is the Executive Director of Run Dog Run – a Bozeman non-profit that promotes responsible dog ownership practices and constructs off-leash dog park in the Bozeman area. Terry is an avid hiker and trail runner who tries to keep pace with his Springer Spaniel Seamus.  He believes that dog owners have a responsibility to practice good trail etiquette and reduce conflicts with other trail users. Terry enjoys his role as a Trail Ambassador because the program helps foster a sense of community and shared responsibility.

The ambassador program is always looking for more dedicated volunteers to promote trail safety and etiquette on our areas local trail system. For more information check out the volunteer job description.

HAPPY TRAILS and Happy Holidays!!

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