Hello fellow Gallatin Valley Trail Users,

We are writing to offer a friendly reminder to take the necessary precautions to stay safe during hunting season.  Bow-hunting kicked off this past weekend and rifle season (10/24) will be here before we know it.  This also means that you may encounter pack horses on various trails throughout the area.

To keep everyone safe, we recommend:

  1. Wear bright colors (yellow, orange, red, etc.) to enhance visibility and consider an orange collar for your dog.
  2. Stay close to established trails – avoid bush-whacking at this time of the year.
  3. Bring a spare leash for your dog – in case you encounter horses on the trail. Not all dogs react well to horses – particularly those who don’t encounter them often. Leashing them up  when you pass horses on the trail will lessen the possibility of negative trail user interactions.
  4. Give horses plenty of room to pass on the trail. Stay on the downhill side of the trail if you have a choice.

For  more information on both hunter and non-hunter safety tips read the USFS flyer: SafetyDuringHuntingSeason

Have fun and stay safe out on the trails!

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